Agape Akitas LLC is a licensed Kennel controlled and managed by I and my wife , and my 3 daughters and son. We might get some other family members, friends & volunteers to help us from time to time at the Ranch.
We own a 17 Acre Ranch where we live and breed our animals. Our Primary activity is breeding & Raising American Akitas for family pets and therapy dogs. We have AKC Registered DAMS and SIRES from champion bloodlines which are our Stud Dogs & Family Pets. We also own over a dozen Dorset Horses & some kinder goats and rabits.

I have always been a breeder, from growing up on a farm in where we bred Horses, goats & cattle for livestock to graduating from Kirkwood as a Vet Tech. My turning point to focus on breeding is when i met my wife, then a pet groomer & Sitter it’s like we were almost destined for each other. I was always the busy type, everyday schedule from farm to farm, to Vet lab examinations, animal checkups. After My wife gave birth to our 2nd daughter she had Postpartum psychosis and I had to be there for her and our babies. We got a certified Therapy dog, an American Akita to help with her treatment and after a month of treatment she was feeling better being herself again. It united our family, brought us so much healing and love. That’s when I took the decision I wanted this feeling to continue. I quit my job, moved out to the countryside, and bought a 17 Acre Ranch, it’s been all love and happiness since then. Our dogs are like an extension of us, they are our families & we want you to feel the same way we feel about them when you get yours. Do not hesitate to contact us and get family and life companion.



The American Akita breed originated in Japan where he was developed for hunting for bear, deer and wild boar and, unfortunately, was also used in fighting competitions. The Akita as we see it today was developed in America, becoming stronger in bone and substance and makes an impressive sight. Like many of the Japanese breeds, brilliant and clear coat colors are much valued.

The American Akita breed was also trained as royal guard dogs in their home country of Japan. This breed was introduced in America during the 1950s after World War II.

The American Akita dog has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years when well taken care of by the owner.

General Appearance

The American Akita dog has a Large, powerful, alert, with much substance and heavy bone.

A fully grown American Akita dog stands at 24 to 28 inches and weighs 70 to 110 pounds.


Dignified, courageous, intelligence, loyalty, and nobility. The dog tends to show dominance over other dogs, though the trait is not encouraged.


Outer coat coarse, straight, and standing off body. Undercoat soft and dense. Coat at withers and rump is approximately 5 cm (2 ins), slightly longer than on rest of body more profuse on tail. No indication of ruff or feathering.

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